This page will guide you through deconstructing your own RSI (Residual Self Image) within The Nexus


Please read this before continuing.


First, you will need to acquire Cheat Engine. It is a reputable open source application. It allows us to view, and alter, the code of The Nexus.

In short... it works similarly to how the red pill is described: "it disrupts your input/output carrier signals so we can pinpoint your location."

(Which means Koguryo... is going bye bye.)

Getting Started

Log into The Nexus as you normally would. A freshly created character works fine. You'll just need a Wooden saber to begin.

Start up Cheat Engine (it will need administrative access to access The Nexus' memory)

Once both are running, you may begin.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Inside of Nexus, wield a "Wooden saber".
  2. Inside of Cheat Engine, look for this icon at the top left: (and click it).
  3. A window will appear with a list of processes running on your machine. Type NEXUS to filter the list. Then... click open.
  4. Change the "Value Type" to "2 Bytes".
  5. Type 1 into the "Value" textbox, and click "First Scan".
  6. Inside of Nexus, unwield the "Wooden saber".
  7. Inside of Cheat Engine, type 65535 into the "Value" textbox, and click "Next Scan".
    What is the significance of 65535?

    This should filter out the list of discovered addresses down to only a handful, potentially connected to your "Weapon" code.
  8. Find the code which ends in 1A6... right-click on it, and select "Copy selected addresses".
  9. Paste the address here:
  10. (the next step will appear after you enter the found address in the box above)